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Author Topic: ATTENTION----all donors please read  (Read 643 times)
Boss Tom
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Twisting Creek Calls

« on: June 23, 2014, 03:10:29 PM »

I am getting some donations in currently. Got me to thinking at the point when pictures are to be made and descriptions of each item to be listed, of what all can go wrong on my part here..... Roll Eyes. I don't mind the work, but you donors could be of a lot of help the Dave and I if you would kindly do us two things ....

    1-provide 2 pictures of each item you are sending, keep in mind they will be used on ebay so dress up the pics as far as setting and the like(please email me the pictures to my work email at )  This could potentially save me from taking over 100 pictures and hoping I marry the correct picture to the correct item....

    2- provide a description of how you would like the listing to be written up. Please include wood types and anything important to you in the listing. This will help Dave out greatly in his time consuming task of listing all these items we have on ebay.

to make it simple--email description and pictures together to me here at work at this email---I will get the imfo in Dave's hands.
thanks a lot for the additional help guys !!!
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