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Title: auction is OVER......
Post by: jmck on November 06, 2014, 01:19:20 PM
The second Osage Roost fundraiser has ended now.
When this event was dreamed up by Stoner here a few years back to free Mike of the monthly fees he has been paying, it was accepted by the members very well. Everyone felt it a worthy cause to free Porter of the expense for something we all benefit from in many ways. That first auction carried us close to three years. As the funds for the server fees dwindled, members stepped up again to do this fundraiser. This one has basically DOUBLED what the original one raised....that's great. This auction will take us way down the line to keep this site totally free and a valued place for us all to share our common interests in calls and the lifestyle.
This is a great Site and I want to thank Porter for continuing to provide it for us to congregate at. The group of guys are great and the calls are super to share.
A huge thanks for all the members and makers that generously donated calls and items to make this auction the success it was. Without members like all of you, this site would not be what it is. Thank you for the kind donations and interst you all have for this place.
Here is the total after all fees as far as I can tell at this point so all the donators can see what they contributed towards....
the total we raised for the funding for the site is -----
$$$ 5460.45 ---that will provide server fees for many years to keep this place what it always has been
thanks again to all the donators  Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Title: Re: auction is OVER......
Post by: Silverspur on November 06, 2014, 01:41:23 PM
Great job Jeff and Brent and to all the members and friends of Osage Roost who want this to continue and fluerish for years to come! A BIG thanks to all the callmakers that donated their talent to help raise these funds we are all overwhelmed with your generosity.

 *up*  *cheers* *up*