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Author Topic: 2014 Osage Fundraiser Auction Donators master List  (Read 1311 times)
Boss Tom
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Twisting Creek Calls

« on: June 09, 2014, 03:47:16 PM »

Here is a list that should make it easier for everyone to check on their favorite callmakers/members to see who will be participating in this event.
All members here really appreciate the donation and generosity so many have shown to make it possible for the site to carry itself instead of the burden being on Mike.
Once again.......
thanks so much to all listed here for their time, support and generosity for this place we all enjoy.....this is some list guys !!!

Clint Corder-                             received-sold on ebay  
Steve Lumma                            received-sold on ebay  
Marlin Watkins                           Received-sold on eBay
Jeff McKamey                             received- sold on ebay
Rev Mike                                    received-sold on Ebay
Austin Hornberger                       received-sold on ebay
Fred Cox.                                    Received-sold on Ebay
Fred Cox                                     Received-sold on ebay
Tim Bullock.                                Received-sold on ebay
Scott Witter                                received-sold on Ebay
Neil Impson.                               Received-sold on Ebay
Ralph Permar                              received-Sold on Ebay
Mike Lapp                                   received-Sold on ebay
Bob Fulcher                                 received-sold on ebay
Lonnie Sneed Sr.                          received-Sold on Ebay
Lonnie Sneed Jr.                           received-Sold on Ebay
Bob Buckner                                 received-Sold on Ebay
Frank Kruer                                  received-sold on ebay
Joe Slaton                                    received-Sold on Ebay
Steve Torman                              received-Sold on Ebay
Rick Alessandrini
Robert Glover                              received-sold on Ebay
Bill Henkel                                   received-sold on Ebay
Derick Reis
John Eddleman                             received-sold on ebay
Ed Jenkins                                    received-sold on Ebay
Chris Latona                                 received-sold on ebay
Mark Sharp                                  received-Sold on Ebay
Dave Smith
John Reed                                    received-sold on ebay
Brian Watts                                   received-sold on ebay
Ed Terefencko.                              Received-sold on ebay
Billy Perryman                                received-sold on Ebay
Russell Beard
Don and Sarah Clark
Andy Snair and grandson Zaiden       received-sold on ebay
Greg Cooley                                    received-Sold on Ebay
Tony Ezolt.                                      Received-sold on Ebay
Dave Leonard                                  received-sold on ebay
Brian Mero                                      received-sold on Ebay
Brent Stoner                                   received-Sold on ebay        
Tim Clayton
Doug Morgan                                  received-sold on ebay  
Charlie Parrish                                received -sold on ebay
Pat Strawser
Richard Hudson                             received-Sold on Ebay
Scott Hembrook                             received-Sold on Ebay
Guy Ruble                                     received-sold on ebay
L.T. Pack                                       received-sold on ebay
Tom Crook
Michael Buckner                            received-Sold on Ebay
Patrick Hilbert                               received-sold on ebay
Lonnie Gilbert                               Received-sold on Ebay
Mark McPhail                                Received-sold  on Ebay
Steve Brown                                 received-sold on ebay  

55---YES 55----generous donators so far !!!!!!
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Boss Tom
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Posts: 8909

Twisting Creek Calls

« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2014, 05:16:54 PM »

just got a phone call yesterday and Lonnie Gilbert---Jeremiah Stephens award has donated a call

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